About us

I. Object, Composition and Membership of the Association

  1. The International Association for Biological Oceanography is a constituent Section of the International Union of Biological Sciences. The Association is subject to those articles of the Statutes and Byelaws of the Union that apply to Sections, and also to the following Statutes.
  2. The objects of the Association are to promote the advancement of knowledge of the biology of the sea, by:
    • Providing opportunities for communication between marine biologists. These opportunities shall include meetings and discussions either during General Assemblies of IUBS or other suitable occasions.
    • Co-operating with organizations and individuals with similar aims and interests.
  3. The National Members of the Union are members of the Association.

II. Administration

  1. The authority of the Association shall be vested in the National Organizations adhering to the Union and exercised collectively by their delegates meeting in the General Assembly of the Association.
  2. A Committee consisting of a President, Secretary/Treasurer, and four members, of whom two will normally be the Past-President and the Past-Secretary/Treasurer, will manage the affairs of the Section.
  3. The Committee will be elected at the General Assembly, taking account of the recommendations of a nominating Committee of three, consisting of the Past-President and two members of IABO. The President is elected for the period between elections at consecutive General Assemblies and is not normally eligible for re-election. The Secretary/Treasurer is elected for one term and is eligible for re-election. The members are elected for one term and are not, normally, re-elected as ordinary members. No member of the Committee shall serve for more than three consecutive terms. General Assemblies shall normally be held at intervals of not more than four years.